I have known Pastor Carl for several years through my job at Community Marriages Builders. Since he moved into the Heritage Place, my days are more spirit filled. He lives in the Word of the Lord and loves bringing others to the peace and comfort found in Jesus Christ. Because of his example, I find myself turning to my Bible daily to get me through all situations. He is a constant strength to me through his sharing of the sermon he is preparing or with a Bible verse. Galatians 6:9 – Thank you Pastor.
– Sister Donna

I met Pastor Carl Sanders when I joined the staff at Community Marriage Builders. At the time, he was employed at the Cathedral. I always looked forward to the time he would come by the office because he illuminates the Love of God! Pastor Carl has a knack for saying just what God needs for us to hear. There have been times I was convinced God TOLD him the words needed for different situations in my life. When Pastor Carl moved his ministry to the Heritage Place Building, I knew things would change. Each and every day, he is here to provide anyone who is in need of guidance, just that. He lives a life that Jesus can shine in. Because of Pastor Carl, I spend much more time in God’s Word. He has successfully reminded me that any answer I may be looking for, is written on those pages. What a blessing for our building and those involved with Pastor Carl and his amazing ministry, Covenant Life Ministry.
– Carmen