Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide the gospel of Jesus Christ freely to every creature by loving, preaching, teaching, and manifesting Jesus Christ in our lives. To love and lift the total man to be reconciled back to Christ. God has given us a mandate to preach in season out of season the word of God with boldness and authority as his mouthpiece to declare to the nations the saving power of Jesus Christ. It is our mission to literally crush, bruise and annihilate the head of Satan himself. And to bring the revelatory light of Jesus Christ to the hearts and minds of God’s people and the world at large. Our motive and mission is to seek out that which is lost and shed the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ to those that are in gross darkness. With the help of the Holy Spirit we will not fail, but we will prevail. We feel that we are more than capable to perform the task, which has been laid before us. Our battle cry is, “Onward Christian Solider!”

Covenant Life Ministry is a proud member of the International Ministerial Association.
Visit http://www.interma.net for more information on the IMA.