pastor-carl-sqrPastor Carl Sanders

Pastor Carl Sanders is a beloved minister, global advocate, and a friend to millions. His journey began in San Antonio, Texas, where he studied theology at International Bible College. He also attended Grace Bible College. In Texas, Pastor Carl focused his ministry on evangelism and worked in many drug rehabs in the area. He was also a youth pastor, mentored by Pastor Pat Dubious and his wife Shelly, founders and ministers of Horizon Church. From Texas, the Lord led Pastor Carl to Pittsburgh, where he ministered in several different churches.

One night during prayer, the Lord showed Pastor Carl a vision of Southern Indiana. He came to Evansville in 2000 with $10 in his pocket, the word of God in his heart and a vision from the Lord to further His kingdom in the tri-state area. He arrived at the airport with no place to stay, no transportation and no security, except for the promises he received from God! Twelve years later, he is married, the father of two, and truly living a life of victory.

Because of his heart for the lost, sick and shut in, he is referred to as “the Preacher Man” on the streets of Evansville. It is not uncommon for someone to recount a story of the Pastor providing food and shelter for him during his darkest hour. He has ministered the word of God to thousands!

Pastor Carl has ministered for churches in the tri-state area. He helped to start several local food and clothing bank ministries. He also served on the pastoral staff with Bible Center Cathedral.

Pastor Carl ministers to couples through his partnership with Community Marriage Builders. He helps couples keep their eyes and hearts on God, so their marriages can prosper in a way that is pleasing to the Lord.

Pastor Carl knew that God had a wonderful plan for his life, and his journey would not be traveled alone. He met Ms. Angela Morris at Bible Center Cathedral and they married in 2004. Through this marriage, he gained two children – and for that, he is very grateful. Pastor Carl believes that Angela was sent by the Lord to help him fulfill his vision.

Angela Sanders

Mrs. Angela Morris-Sanders is a Christian leader, a music minister, Co-pastor, wife, mother and warrior for God.

She grew up in Mississippi, one of seven children. Angela began singing at the age of six and shortly after, learned that her calling is to sing His praises to the world. She knew, however, that her ministry would not be to fill stadiums and concert halls, but to minister through song to the elderly, to children with disabilities and for charities. Mrs. Sanders feels that singing for the Lord feeds her soul. She loves to serve in God’s Kingdom.

Angela believes that God blesses each of his children with special talents and abilities that can be used to glorify God. She works with women of all ages to help them discover God’s blessings in their lives, whether through music, motherhood, prayer or anything else the Lord desires. Angela believes there is something special in each of us!